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  • wearable safety device for elderly, aged people, newly designed wearable device to help elderly during falls, Caregivers

    Newly Designed Wearable Device to Help Elderly During Falls 2019-08-13 09:44:48

    A research team, including an Indian origin, have designed a new wearable system to remotely monitor the elderly and provide quick first-aid when needed. This new wearable system can provide relief to the elderly who are at risk of falls....

    Keywords: aged people, Wearable Device for elders, wearable safety device for elderly, help elderly during falls

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    nipah virus, nipah virus essay, here s how you can prevent deadly infection nipah virus from affecting you, Caregivers

    Here’s How You Can Prevent Deadly Infection Nipah Virus from Affecting You 2019-06-04 10:54:21

    Kerala state is now on high alert after its first outbreak of Nipah virus infection. A 23-year-old was tested positive for the illness. Following which, 86 people across the state have been put under surveillance after sending out their samples...

    Keywords: kerala, nipah virus treatment, nipah virus origin, nipah virus essay

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    Depression in Teenagers, study on depression, treating depression in teenagers may benefit their parent s health too study, Caregivers

    Treating Depression in Teenagers May Benefit Their Parent's Health too: Study 2018-08-13 12:29:12

    The bond between parent and child extends far beyond sharing similar looks or behaviors as a new study suggests that treating depression in teenagers may benefit their parent's mental health too. The findings of a study suggest that when a...

    Keywords: study on depression, Depression in Teenagers, teenagers psychological state, Depression in Teenagers

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    United States, Donald Trump, there will be consequences for entering u s illegally trump, Caregivers

    There will be Consequences for Entering U.S. Illegally: Trump 2018-10-16 04:40:24

    Days after the United States President Donald Trump has said he wants people to enter the country with merit and not sneak inside the border illegally, he yet again warned that there will be consequences for illegally coming into the U.S....

    Keywords: United States, illegal immigrants, America, immigration laws

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    stillbirths, World health organization, who lays out recommendations to save newborns, Caregivers

    WHO Lays out Recommendations to Save Newborns 2018-12-27 13:15:38

    The recent report released by World Health Organization (WHO) titled Survive and thrive: transforming care for every small and sick newborn, said it is crucial for the world to transform aid for every newborn baby, in order to attain the...

    Keywords: WHO, newborns, newborns, stillbirths

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    eat healthy live healthy, happy healthy life, are you drinking fruits, Caregivers

    Are you drinking fruits? 2013-09-06 12:06:53

    According to a new study, eating whole fresh fruit, especially blueberries, grapes, apples and pears, is linked to a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes, yet drinking fruit juice has the opposite effect. British, United States (US) as well as...

    Keywords: diabetic health, Are you drinking fruits, fresh fruit helps lower diabetes, diabetic health

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