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February 07, 2020 11:06
Natural Method To Heal Back Pain

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Back pain is a common complaint from men and women. Sometimes, it is painful to hold the body straight or to even move your back. You feel like you have damaged your skeletal structure. The reason for acute backache might be due to lifting weight, exertion, neural tension, faulty posture, sagging bed, congestion of blood, lack of exercise, high heels, overweight, accidents and sitting long hours, and slouching. Eight out of ten people may have lower back pain at some time in their lives, as estimated by the experts.

Society's current lifestyle is a major contributor to back pain. In the old days, people walked for miles for their needs, now we hardly move. The car is in the garage with hardly four steps to get into it.

Recipes to consume:

Swallow ½ teaspoon of Giloye powder and ½ teaspoon of Amla powder with warm water first thing in the morning and before going to bed

In two tablespoons plain yogurt, add ½-teaspoon asafetida powder, 8 oz water and beat well. Drink an hour before lunch. Continue this procedure for three months

Drink 10 oz fresh juice made with one potato, 4 celery stocks, a two-inch piece of fresh ginger and a quarter of beetroot every day for three weeks. If it is hard to drink, then add an apple.

1 tsp Ginger powder

1 tsp Turmeric powder

2 tsp Onion juice

½ tsp Ajwain powder

1 tsp yellow mustard seed powder

Mix all the ingredients, make three parts and swallow with water three times a day. Make this mixture in a large amount to continue for at least three weeks if it is a temporary pain. However, if it is a prolonged one, then you might need to consume for three months. If you think, you cannot handle it then add a pinch of brown sugar.

Natural therapies:

  • If you wear high heels, then alternate with low heels and watch if it makes a difference
  • Keep your spine straight while you sit, stand, or walk, this itself is a healing posture
  • Sleep on the right or left side, with a pillow between your knees to avoid discomfort. When you wake up, turn on your side and then stand. You may need a hard bed and not a sagging mattress
  • When you shower, let the warm water pour on your lower back and hips. Same time, massage with mustard oil downwards using both hands. Continue this procedure for one minute every day. This helps much to relieve pain
  • Burn 3 crushed cloves and a tablespoon of Ajwain in a quarter cup of mustard oil. Cool, strain, and massage the affected area with warm garlic oil at bedtime to relieve pain
  • For a sitting job, get up every hour, stretch and walk around. For a lifting job, always bend your knees putting weight on your legs, instead of your back and use a back-supporting belt
  • A cold pack or the heating pad can give you temporary relief; try both and see which one works for you

Sit in lotus posture to meditate for 15 minutes. The stretch in your legs and hips helps flex the spine. Yoga slow stretches help to flex and relax those painful and stiff muscles and spine. Do not bend forward. Back bending postures help decrease pain. Once the pain decreases, exercise with weights for 15 minutes 4 days a week. This helps strengthen the spine and energize the body.

Select food intelligently and stick with light foods. Eat plenty of beans, lentils, fruits, vegetables, and green leaves daily, which are rich in fiber, protein, nutrients, enzymes, and minerals. Remember when we eat light, we stay light.

Resource Box: Back pain is unbearable and it incapacitates us to do our daily routine. The spine is the main pillar of the body and it manages the entire load of the complete skeletal system, to balance the body. Once the spine is damaged, life becomes full of pain and discomfort. To ease back pain, practice daily yoga slow postures and regular exercise with weights. They help with mobility and harmony in life. It also lessens the pack pain.

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By Sudesh Abrol

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