How to Fix a Sexless MarriageGetting into action

June 08, 2019 11:51
How to Fix a Sexless Marriage

A study by the University of Toronto found that sex once a week leads to a more intimate and loving marriage. However, any less than once a week or so led to a significant decline in marital happiness.

Shockingly, about 20-30 percent of marriages are sexless.

There are some strategies that you can use right now to re-ignite that spark that you have with your spouse.


Communicate with your spouse in a loving and caring way instead of turning it into an argument because it will further push your spouse away. Though it will feel a little awkward, it is important to let your spouse know that this is a concern that you have.

Make Sex a Priority   

If you want to have sex again, then it has to be on both of your minds moving forward even if you have busy lives. That means setting time aside for you and your partner to relax and enjoy each other again in a quiet and intimate setting.

Try and Have Fun   

If you have any fetishes or desires, now it is the time to explore and get to know your spouse in the most intimate ways without judgment.

So plan fun play dates. Again, let your partner know that there’s no pressure to have sex at any point.

Escalate Slowly

You don’t have to try and jump into sex right away after bringing it up. No pressure to do anything more. Sexual intercourse should feel natural.

Stop Watching Porn

According to numerous studies, porn does have negative effects on sexual psychology. There are few people who can’t even attain an erection with their spouse unless they watch porn beforehand. Cutting out porn from your lives will increase your desire to have sex with each other.

Stop Pleasuring Yourself

Lowering the frequency of masturbation, or cutting it out entirely, will help you and your spouse get back into the sack.

Work out   

Keeping fit will not only help you look better, but it will also release hormones that will make you want to bang your partner’s brains out. So plan some couples activities that involve exercise.

Medical Help If Needed   

Erectile Dysfunction and other sorts of sexual ailments have a compounding effect on one’s desire to have sex. Seek help from a doctor if you think this is the case for you.

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