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January 08, 2020 12:35
Lies to Avoid for Maintaining a Strong Bond in Your Relationship

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The key factors of a successful relationship includes trust as the first key element which when broken has the potential to do irreparable damage. Several times the smallest lies which are thought to be harmless leads to dangerous outcomes. The following are seven lies that should be avoided saying to your partner in order to keep your bond happy and healthy.

Pretention can never be the cure:

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The bond that you share in your relationship may gradually get weakened when you start pretending with your partner. Do not hesitate in letting yourself out by pretending to be fine as you have to stand by yourself no matter what the fight is about. Saying ‘I am fine’ during an argument may seem as a simple innocent lie but doing so can gradually affect your relationship.

Lying about your ex-partner:

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Keeping in touch with your ex-lover isn’t a sin and the decision is completely yours whether to be in touch or no, but hiding the truth from your present partner is bound to create issues in your love life as this gives rise to suspicious behaviour if the truth is found out by your partner which may lead to part ways.

Financial lies:

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“First impression is the best impression” is a well known proverb that gets stuck in the human mind and we tend to strive for that one best impression with our partners which leads to lying about lifestyle and salary. Pretending to be the same as you’ve bragged about can be stressful and affects your relationship.

Flirting with others:

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Flirting can sometimes be healthy but not always. Flirting with your peers be it at work or among your group of friends with a label stuck “just as friends” will never be appreciated by your partner.

Accept and do not blame:

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Acceptance is the key to a healthy relationship just as how blaming is the recipe to a disaster in a relationship. Your partner might lose the respect for you which would further hamper your relationship and the emotional connection that you share.

Sexual lies:

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Sexual matters are the needs in one’s life which should never be misunderstood as your partner might think you love certain things more in bed which you actually don’t and this leads to unsatisfactory sex which in turn affects your relationship as you tend to lose interest with unhealthy sex.

You like it then, I like it as well:

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Your likes and dislikes are your choices that you should be proud of and not change as per the likes of your partner. If done so, you tend to fake yourself in a serious relationship as you cannot keep continuing to change your choices basing on your partner.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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