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September 14, 2022 08:04
Special Tips To Appreciate Your Partner

Appreciation brings a lot of boost to your partner and for the relationship. Learn to appreciate your partner and it requires attention and creativity. Appreciating your partner will make them feel goo and will increase their confidence. It also strengthens your relationship. There would be a good positive attention and your partner gets satisfied as they feel it nurtures your blood. Jordan Dan, Psychoanalyst and Relationship Coach in her recent Instagram post said “Many couples have not developed the skill of appreciation. For other couples resentment has built up over time and they have stopped feeling generous towards one another. When we slip into the habit of taking each other for granted we stop appreciating one another. This leads to other problems - arguments, frustration, resentment and suddenly we begin to wonder if we want this relationship or if it's worth it”.

She continued saying “It is important in a relationship make a commitment to yourself to offer 3-5 specific appreciations a day. This practice will increase positive feelings in your partner, and more importantly, it will help you to strengthen your positive view of your partner. We need to actively work against the negative bias to hold the entire reality of who our partner is which usually includes a lot more positive than we notice”. Always appreciate the qualities of your partner and their creativity. Appreciate their dedication and the results. Take some time and respond to the small things that took place with your partner and these would bring big results.

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