How pessimism in a relationship negatively affects it?Marriage and Relationships

March 31, 2020 14:38
How pessimism in a relationship negatively affects it?

Relationships are hard, there is no doubt around it but if you are someone who is constantly noticing your relationship going down for the worse because of the negativity between you and your partner, it is time to make changes. Pessimism, or the act of seeing the glass half empty is not an attribute that affects your own life but the relationships you are in as well. If you struggle with such a habit or behaviour, it is important that you change that before it impacts your relationship for the worse.

In here, we are going to walk you through some of the ways pessimism impact your relationship negatively.

Creates a negative space

If your partner has been constantly upset with you over your behaviour, it is likely that he has valid points for that. Having pessimistic behaviour is one of the many reasons relationships are affected for the worse. It creates a very negative energy surrounding you, making it difficult for you to have a positive exchange of thoughts with your partner, which after all, is an important part of any relationship.

Constant fights

It is not important that every couple fights are bad. But, if you find yourself arguing with your partner majority of the times, you know that something is wrong. And, if the reason behind those fights is your behaviour, it is important that you bring around positive changes before things end up taking a complete U turn. Pessimism makes you look at things in a negative way, so even when your partner is trying to communicate a happy news, it is likely that you will try to find the worst case scenario from it.

Lack of communication

One of the most common impacts of pessimism on your relationship is that it affects the way you communicate with your partner. Since you have a very negative thought process, you will try to project the same onto your partner, which is not something he’d enjoy all the times. This can often lead to situations when your partner will try to avoid all sorts of communication with you in hopes that they don’t have to face more of your negative thoughts.

Constant misunderstandings

Pessimism might not seem like it but it can easily create misunderstandings. Since you do have a habit of seeing things in a negative way, the same will be projected on your partner’s thought process too. So, whenever they try to share something positive and uplifting or their achievements with you, as your nature, you will try to bring their achievements down and even if you don’t do it intentionally, it is likely that the way you portray your thoughts, it will sound just like that.

Affect both your mental health

Since pessimistic couples tend to have a very different outlook on life, it is likely that carrying on with such a relationship will often prove toxic for both the partners. If you have been struggling with pessimism, you would know that one of the most common side effects of this condition is its impacts on one’s mental health. If that is something you have been experiencing with yourself and your partner too, it is time to either step out of the relationship or reassess the situation.

Pessimism not just affects your mental health but your relationship and more importantly, your partner too. It is not likely something you are doing on purpose but the condition does leave lasting impacts. If you are in such a toxic relationship, it is very important to break things off, talk and reassess or seek medical help like counselling and therapy.

By Somapika Dutta

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