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July 06, 2024 07:40
Samantha's tussle with The Liver Doc

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The renowned Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, known as "The Liver Doc," has once more strongly criticized Samantha Ruth Prabhu, accusing her of playing the "victim" role. The doctor, who previously condemned the actress for endorsing the use of hydrogen peroxide in nebulization, has now labeled her a "repeat offender." Earlier, Samantha responded to his criticism, requesting him to be more courteous. On Friday morning, Philips took to his social media platform and wrote an extensive message addressing Samantha's reaction to his initial post. He asserted that Samantha's claims about the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide nebulization are "unscientific, pseudoscientific, and unfounded."

His statement said:

Ms. Samantha Ruth Prabhu has responded to my "provocative" criticism of her endorsement of unscientific, pseudoscientific and baseless alternative medicine therapies by playing the victim card and endorsing more alternative practices. Please note, she is a serial offender in the context of healthcare misinformation and she has been in the line of fire previously too. The reason why doctors like me have to spend (waste) time from our busy schedules to fight misinformation online is because it is peddled by large influential "celebrity" accounts that have no regard for public health. Engagement and monetization is their concern. Public health and disease prevention is mine. I (we) will be provocative, strongly criticise, be blatant, and brutal with facts because we have no time to waste, catering to emotions. I expected better from someone who claims that she wants to "improve." This is far from improvement. A rational and logical response would be to delete the public health endangering posts and apologize to her millions of followers and vouch to never quote or cite fraudulent practices or practitioners. I have absolutely ZERO hope for improving scientific temperament or rationalism in this country. Everyone plays the victim of "scientific criticism" but will keep embracing and holding on to dogmatic views in healthcare, traditional untested observations or debunked dangerous therapies without shame or self reflection. If celebrity influencers really want to impact people positively, then start unlearning and re-learn, develop critical thinking skills, disregard logical fallacies and stand up for medical science instead of "playing victim" of the same science that is helping you, and all of us, survive into the future. I won't be commenting or debunking any of Samantha's future endorsements of pseudoscientific alternative public health endangering posts because, 'You can’t help people that don’t want to be helped'.

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Before this, Samantha said:

Over the last couple of years, I've had to take many different types of medicines. I've tried everything I was strongly advised to take. As advised by highly qualified professionals and after doing as much self research as is possible for a lay person like me. Many of these treatments were also very very expensive. I would always keep thinking about how fortunate I am that I could afford it and about all those who cannot. And for the longest time, conventional treatments weren't making me better. There's a good chance it was just me and am sure they will work very well for others. These two factors led me to also read up on alternate therapies and treatments. And after trial and error, I found treatments that worked wonderfully for me. Treatments that also cost a fraction of what I was spending on conventional healthcare.I am not naive enough to go about strongly advocating a treatment. I merely suggested with good intention because of all that I have faced and learnt in the last couple of years. Especially that treatments can be financially draining and many may not be able to afford them. End of the day, we all depend on educated doctors to guide us. This treatment was suggested to me by a highly qualified doctor who is an MD, who has served DRDO for 25 years. He, after all his education in conventional medicine, chose to advocate an alternate therapy.A certain gentleman has attacked my post and my intentions with rather strong words. Said gentleman is a Doctor too. I have no doubt that he knows more than I do. And I am quite sure his intentions were noble. It would have been kind and compassionate of him had he not been so provocative with his words. Especially the bit where he suggests I should be thrown in prison. Never mind. I suppose it goes with the territory of being a celebrity. I posted as someone who needs medical treatments and not as a celebrity. And I certainly am not making any money from the post nor endorsing anyone. I was merely suggesting a treatment as an option after undergoing it myself, for others who may be looking for options because conventional medicine isn't working for them. Especially more affordable options.We cannot just give up when medicines aren't working. I certainly wasn't ready to give up… Coming back to the topic of the said gentleman Doctor, it would have been nice had he politely invited my Doctor, whom I have tagged in my post, rather than go after me. I would have loved to have learnt from that debate and discussion between two highly qualified professionals.And as far as sharing information about the treatments that have helped my health, I shall be more careful as my intentions are only to help others. Not to harm anyone. I've had so many well meaning people suggesting ayurveda, homeopathy, acupuncture, Tibetan medicine, pranic healing etc. I heard them all out. I was merely doing something similar. Sharing something that worked for me, as an option. And I know many of us dealing with health issues need that help, especially given how overwhelming it is when every option has qualified people who are so certainly sure of their polar opposite opinions. Both sides, for and against every treatment, are both so sure and persuasive. It's difficult to navigate these and find good help.

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