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November 14, 2023 15:27
US Man shot and robbed

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Walter Fischel, a 55-year-old American tourist, recently recounted his harrowing near-death experience while vacationing in South Africa. His dream vacation quickly turned into a nightmare when he was robbed and shot in the face in one of the world's most dangerous neighborhoods. According to reports from The Sun, Fischel had just landed in Cape Town and rented a car to visit his friends in Simon's Town. He exchanged money at the airport before programming his GPS to find the shortest route. However, he was unaware that the route would take him through Nyanga, a notoriously unsafe neighborhood.

As he drove through Nyanga, Fischel became stuck in traffic, where he was then ambushed by four men who robbed him and shot him in the face. Despite his injuries, Fischel managed to survive the ordeal and is currently recovering in a hospital. He spoke to News24 about his experience, saying, "I was coming to Simons Town to visit, and then go to Hermanus, and hang out in Hermanus for six or seven days and then return back to the United States...I picked the route - the shortest distance - which was not the highway, because the highway apparently had traffic."

Fischel's story serves as a cautionary tale for travelers visiting unfamiliar areas. It is important to research neighborhoods and areas before visiting and to be aware of potential dangers. Despite the tragedy that befell him, Fischel's bravery in sharing his story can help prevent similar incidents from happening to others.

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