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June 28, 2024 09:27
Joe Biden and Donald Trump clash over Presidential Debate

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A faltering Joe Biden struggled to fend off a fierce onslaught from Donald Trump as the two exchanged personal attacks in the heated initial debate of a closely contested presidential race. A boisterous Trump lashed out at his successor, branding him a failure on the economy and the global stage. Biden aimed to retaliate, but his delivery was hesitant as he spoke rapidly with a soft, fading voice and stumbled over his words multiple times. It was the first-ever debate between a sitting president and a former president – and each accused the other of being the worst in history. Trump and Biden, who were both the oldest presidents when first elected, even accused each other of being childish as they argued over their golf swings. Biden, 81, and Trump, 78, did not shake hands as they approached their podiums at the CNN headquarters in Atlanta. There was no live audience, and their microphones were muted when the other was speaking – rules agreed upon as they embarked on a campaign in a deeply polarized country.

Former president, a man with a criminal record, resides in the White House. "Consider all the civil penalties you've incurred. How many billions of dollars do you owe for inappropriately touching a woman in public?" Biden stated, and "for having sexual relations with a porn star while your wife was pregnant? Your morals are akin to a stray cat," Biden added. Trump, an experienced rally and reality TV participant, spoke loudly as he hurried through a lengthy list of criticisms regarding Biden's record. "It's shameful what's happened to our country in the past four years," Trump said. "I'm friends with many people. They can't believe what's become of the United States of America. We're no longer respected." Trump attempted to capitalize on Biden's delivery, remarking at one point, "I truly don't know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don't think he knows either." Kate Bedingfield, a former Biden communications director, acknowledged that "it was a truly disappointing debate performance" from the president. "There's no other way to look at it," she told CNN after the debate. The economy he stepped into was in a state of rapid decline, with no clear direction or stability.

Trump claimed that he oversaw "the best economy our nation has ever seen. We performed better than any other country, and they all tried to copy us," he stated. Biden responded: "The greatest economy? He's the only one who believes that." In one of the harshest attacks, Biden referenced reports that Trump had labeled fallen soldiers at Normandy as "losers" and brought up his own son Beau, a veteran who later died of cancer. "My son was no loser or sucker. You're the one who's a loser and sucker," Biden said. Trump denied the remarks and repeatedly questioned Biden's mental sharpness. On international affairs, Trump accused Biden - who faces criticism from some Democrats for his stance on Israel - of not supporting Israel's efforts against Hamas. "He won't help them finish the job. He's become like a Palestinian, but even they don't like him because he's a very poor one, a weak one," Trump said.

The recent presidential debate saw a clash between Biden and Trump over significant issues like the invasion of Ukraine and the contentious Supreme Court decision on abortion rights. While Biden accused Trump of appointing justices who overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling, he also noted that he was the first recent president without soldiers at risk overseas. Notably, a Democratic supporter expressed concern about Biden's performance, stating that she couldn't understand him. A historian also voiced worries, suggesting that Biden's supporters would be "extremely concerned" about the perception that continues to overshadow him. Meanwhile, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a member of the renowned political dynasty, was not on the debate stage but instead engaged with questions on a livestream, as he failed to meet the required threshold for inclusion.

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