Emotionally Unstable People at Risk of Cognitive DeclineMarriage and Relationships

April 13, 2022 10:42
Emotionally Unstable People at Risk of Cognitive Decline

If you are a moody or emotionally unstable person, you are at a higher risk to cognitive decline in life and the risk is higher. The study and research has been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The study was completely focused on conscientiousness, neuroticism, and extraversion which are said to be the personality traits. They reflect the enduring patterns of behaving and thinking which may have an impact the healthy and unhealthy behaviours. People with high conscientiousness are said to be more responsible and organized along with hard working nature.

All those who score high on neuroticism are low on emotional stability and get mood swings, depression, anxiety and negative feelings. The extroverts get energy from others around and they direct the energies towards other people. They are talkative, enthusiastic and assertive. The research team conducted an analysis on 1954 participants without any formal diagnosis of dementia. All those who scored high on conscientiousness and low in neuroticism are away from normal cognition told the study. The individuals with low neuroticism and higher in extroversion are likely to recover from normal cognitive function. The research did not find any association between personality traits and life expectancy.

By Siva Kumar

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