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  • The exorcist, thrillers, the exorcist reboot shooting begins with halloween director david gordon green, Inspiration

    The Exorcist reboot shooting begins with Halloween Director David Gordon Green 2021-02-18 11:56:48

    Filmmaker David Gordon Green who directed some popular Hollywood movies including the 2008 movie Pineapple Express and the slasher film Halloween (2018), is now in works in a sequel for one of the most popular horror movie of all time,...

    Keywords: thrillers, movies, movies, thrillers

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    KGF, Karnataka, happy birthday yash get to know the kgf star, Inspiration

    Happy Birthday Yash- Get To Know The KGF Star 2021-01-08 06:51:36

    Kannada/Telugu actor Yash has had an increasing and massive fan base since the the release of the movie KGF. He had already established himself as a star in the industry KGF had not only done well in the south Indian...

    Keywords: Kannada films, Yash, KGF, Karnataka

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    Romance, movies, best rom coms to watch with your partner during the pandemic, Inspiration

    Best Rom-coms to watch with your partner during the pandemic 2021-01-28 13:43:13

    The season for love is almost upon us. However, it might not be possible to do the outdoor activities you might have wanted to do because of the pandemic. But the pandemic has not stopped us from organising a cute...

    Keywords: Romance, night in, Romance, relationship

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    aesthetic, style, 11 simple yet creative fashion trends to storm their way into 2021, Inspiration

    11 simple yet creative Fashion Trends to storm their way into 2021 2021-02-13 07:26:08

    2020 has been a stressful year as most of us spent the whole year quarantining at home. However, that did not stop fashionistas from going all out with their creativity in fashion. With the rise of Tiktok and Instagram influencers...

    Keywords: 2021. fashion, 2021. fashion, trends, aesthetic

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    billionaires, billionaires, who is elon musk and why is he the richest man in the world, Inspiration

    Who Is Elon Musk And Why Is He The Richest Man In The World 2021-01-08 11:07:25

    Elon Musk is a scientist and businessman who developed 3 major companies in the world- Paypal, Tesla Inc. And SpaceX. As of 2021, he beat Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon to become the richest man in the world. Elon...

    Keywords: Elon Musk, Scientist, SpaceX, billionaires

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    cultural reset, cultural reset, from 1980 to 2020 the biggest female icon of each year worldwide, Inspiration

    From 1980 to 2020 - The biggest Female Icon of Each Year Worldwide 2021-01-19 09:46:23

    Women have made big moves and impacted so many of us who live today. When it came to pop culture, women had to pave the way to help female icons today be who they want to be and embrace the...

    Keywords: pop culture, cultural reset, cultural reset, Women

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