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  • Chandrayaan 3 module, Chandrayaan 3, chandrayaan 3 lander module successfully separated, Rbi

    Chandrayaan 3 Lander Module Successfully Separated 2023-08-18 14:46:01

    India’s prestigious mission Chandrayaan 3 has achieved one more feet. On Thursday, the Vikram lander module of the spacecraft successfully separated from the propulsion module. It has been a month since the launch of Chandrayaan 3 from the Indian Space...

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    HR system in USA, Proxy system in USA, sad truth of proxy life of telugu people in the usa, Rbi

    Sad Truth Of Proxy Life Of Telugu people In the USA 2023-08-21 07:56:59

    Proxy lives of an NRI is a disturbing truth. Starting from writing a GRE exam to getting a job in any prestigious IT company, Proxy are behind Telugu people. It is very easy for a very normal student to get...

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    Salaar movie updates, Salaar new release date, netflix slashes big for salaar digital rights, Rbi

    Netflix slashes big for Salaar Digital Rights 2023-09-15 11:31:54

    The makers of Salaar are super confident on the product and they quoted huge prices for the theatrical and the non-theatrical rights. Most of the deals are yet to be closed even after the release date was announced. This was...

    Keywords: Salaar digital rights, Salaar movie updates, Salaar, Salaar theatrical rights

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    extraterrestrial organisms, TOI-733b, new planet discovered with massive ocean, Rbi

    New Planet Discovered With Massive Ocean 2023-09-06 10:11:41

    Scientists have discovered a new planet a little smaller than twice the radius of Earth filled with ocean. The new planet is 245 light years away from Earth and scientists named it TOI-733b. The plant has unique atmospheric features. Experts...

    Keywords: New planet - TOI-733b, extraterrestrial organisms, oceanic planet, Larger than earth planet

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    Anirudh - Kalanidhi Maran, Kalanidhi maran gift to Anirudh, anirudh gets a surprise gift from salaar producers, Rbi

    Anirudh gets a surprise gift from Salaar Producers 2023-09-06 09:44:05

    After Jailer's success, producer Kalanidhi Maran, the chairman and founder of Sun Group is happy and is pooling money on cast and crew. He gave a Rs 100 Cr pay cheque for Rajinikanth as part of a share in profits...

    Keywords: Jailer success, SUn Pictures gift for ANirudh, Anirudh - Kalanidhi Maran, SUn Pictures gift for ANirudh

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    Russian space craft, ISRO about Chandrayaan 3, russian luna 25 spacecraft crashed, Rbi

    Russian Luna-25 Spacecraft Crashed 2023-08-22 07:40:10

    The Russian space agency has officially announced that its Spacecraft Lune-25 has crashed into the moon. On Sunday Russia’s space agency Roscosmos reported that on Saturday they lost their contact with their spacecraft after it ran into trouble while preparing...

    Keywords: ISRO about Chandrayaan 3, Chandrayaan 2 landing, ISRO about Chandrayaan 3, Chandrayaan 2 landing

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