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  • Vladimir Putin, Edward Snowden breaking news, vladimir putin grants russian citizenship to a us whistleblower, United states

    Vladimir Putin Grants Russian Citizenship To A US Whistleblower 2022-09-27 12:44:52

    Russian President Vladimir Putin granted Russian citizenship for the former US Intelligence Contractor Edward Snowden. This happened nine years after he exposed the scale of secret operations by the National Security Agency (NSA). Edward Snowden is 39 years old and...

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    USA, USA Student visas news, usa issues 82 000 student visas for indians, United states

    USA Issues 82,000 Student Visas For Indians 2022-09-08 11:02:08

    The USA Mission in India issued a record number of 82.000 students visas for Indian students in 2022 till date. Indian students are on the top of the list in the number of student visas issued to any country. The...

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    Amazon Layoffs breaking news, Amazon Layoffs, amazon s deadline on layoffs many indians impacted, United states

    Amazon's Deadline On Layoffs: Many Indians Impacted 2022-11-17 12:46:39

    Top tech giant Amazon announced layoffs and this created a sensation across the globe. Thousands of employees are asked to leave the company voluntarily. As per the reports from CNBC, Amazon has sent a voluntary layoff plan for several employees...

    Keywords: Amazon breaking news, Amazon Layoffs, Amazon latest, Amazon news

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    Bipartisan Bill breaking news, Indian Americans, indian american congressman support bipartisan bill, United states

    Indian American Congressman Support Bipartisan Bill 2022-06-20 09:26:37

    Ami Bera, the Indian American Democratic Congressman last week called for the passage of the America's Children Act which is called the Bipartisan Bill. This is to protect the documented dreamers who are dependent on non-immigrant visa holders when they...

    Keywords: Bipartisan Bill passed, Bipartisan Bill passed, Bipartisan Bill date, Bipartisan Bill passed

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    Bipartisan Bill in USA news, Bipartisan Bill in USA, to end aging out of indian immigrations indian american congressman supports bipartisan bill, United states

    To End Aging out of Indian Immigrations, Indian American Congressman Supports Bipartisan Bill 2022-06-14 09:30:34

    The Indian American Democratic Congressmen called for the passage of America's Children Act and bipartisan legislation. The move will protect the documented aspirants who are depending on long-term non-immigrant visa holders from aging out when they turn 21. Ami Bera,...

    Keywords: Bipartisan Bill in USA bill, Bipartisan Bill in USA updates, Bipartisan Bill in USA news, Bipartisan Bill in USA bill

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    Rishi Sunak, Rishi Sunak, rishi sunak named as the new uk prime minister, United states

    Rishi Sunak Named As The New UK Prime Minister 2022-10-25 10:28:18

    Indian-origin and 42-year-old Rishi Sunak will take the oath as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Liz Truss decided to step down in just 44 days. Several Indian politicians, businessmen and celebrities congratulated Rishi Sunak on the...

    Keywords: Rishi Sunak new updates, Rishi Sunak latest, Rishi Sunak in UK, Rishi Sunak UK

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