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October 03, 2020 13:31
What if Trump becomes too ill to be a President?

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Just weeks away from the Presidential election, Donald Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday.

While the news of the US President Donald Trump comes as a shocker and the global markets see a dip immediately, it raises a lot of questions on what happens next amid the elections.

If Donald Trump gets too ill due to COVID-19 severity, a lot of things would be changed and the situation throws light on many questions.

Which campaign events will Trump miss?

Donald Trump is required to self isolate for 10 days starting October 1 so he may still be able to participate in the second debate on October 15.

A rally which was due to take place in Florida on Friday was canceled and also a video call with the vulnerable seniors is also canceled.

Mr. Trump also has other rallies scheduled during this period which also remain canceled or postponed.

Will the election be delayed?

President Trump’s isolation period will definitely affect his campaigns, so the question also raises if the election will be delayed or how the election would be held.

The US Presidential election is scheduled to be held on the Tuesday after the first Monday which is on November 3.

However, any change in the dates will be taken by the lawmakers and not the President.

It would require a majority of votes from both the houses for any changes in the date of the election.

Even if the dates were changed, the US constitution says that a presidential administration will only be valid for 4 years.

So, Trumps’ Presidency will automatically end on January 20, 2021.

However, the changing of the election date is very unlikely.

What happens if Trump becomes incapacitated?

If President Donald Trump becomes too ill to continue his presidency, what would happen next?

The 25th amendment in the US constitution allows the President to transfer the power to the vice president which means Mike Pence would become an acting President.

Once Trump becomes fit, he could retain his position.

If the President becomes too unwell to continue his power, Mr. Pence would take up the role.

If Mike Pence becomes incapacitated as well then a democrat would be next in line although experts say that such a transfer of power would provoke legal battles.

If the democrat was also unable to take up the role, then the power would be transferred to the Republican Senator and this too would lead to legal battles.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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