Tips for Raising a Happy ToddlerProlong The Pregame

July 11, 2013 07:58
Tips for Raising a Happy Toddler

Toddlers are very cute but underneath that adorable demeanor they are just little people like you and me. They too have off days and this should be respected.

Another reason some toddlers are more restrained with joy is due to genetics. Some toddlers a.k.a. people are born with that character type.

You can help your child’s feeling of happiness by ensuring there is a feeling being connected to others i.e. family and friends. A feeling of being connected is a feeling of being loved and cherished – you matter.

Making your toddler happy does not mean you must provide them with everything they want. Believe it or not your toddler will be a much happier individual when he or she is able to accept that no is an answer.

Don’t forget you are guiding your toddler to live in a state that is mostly happy. To achieve this, your toddler must experience sadness, anger and frustration to learn how to deal with such feelings in order to overcome them and be happy.

Like a sponge, your toddler will soak up your moods. If our toddler sees and feels you are happy most of the time then he or she will follow suit. It’s only natural and even helpful for your toddler to see you being a little down. However, he or she must also see you positively coming out of that frame of mind.

Exposing your toddler to uplifting music and having a sing-along are two great ways to keep both your spirits up. As is playing a fun game together. Simply a good old fashioned tickle or hug is enough to keep you and your toddler on top of the world.

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