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July 11, 2013 08:36
Don't worry... be happy

What is the use of worrying all the time that you are stressed out? Instead try and come out of stress to lead a peaceful, happy and fun filled life;

It's not just power yoga that helps your body to be fit, but power nap of 10 to 20 minutes will definitely work wonders for you to get rid of stress and gain energy, instantly. During the day, if you are stressed out, don't' end up doing the work with the same mind set but take a break and a power nap for some minutes. You will definitely find the difference.

In order to satisfy our hectic life style, despite of knowing the importance of our meal to be taken on time, we skip either our breakfast or any other meal during the day. But this will have a major negative affect on your mind and body as you will have a tendency to get tired and lose your calm self easily. So, never skip any meal no matter how busy you are. At the same time include fruits, nuts and lots of veggies in every meal of yours for you to be active during the entire day.

It's not just food taken or your life style, but also your thought process that makes a major difference of you to lead a peaceful life style. So, let not any thought dominate your mind and be calm and composed. Try being in an active and healthy atmosphere, no scope for negativity filled discussions, let fresh air touch you, walk for a while take the natural sun light and watch kids ka photos, comedy clippings... these can definitely help you stay active, happy and stress free.

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