'trust'... the magic that changes your lifeProlong The Pregame

July 11, 2013 08:36
'trust'... the magic that changes your life

Trust... a magical word that really creates the magic when each and every letter in this word is believed to be happening to the core. Not many know trust has a power of making impossible turn possible. But, the trust has to be true, complete, and blind and not reacting according to the situation, even the situations might seem not working according to your belief and in your favor.

We have might come across some people who say they have tried the treatment of 'this' Doctor, after couple of years of taking treatment under the supervision of 'a' particular Doctor and the treatment of the new Doctor working really positive for them... does this mean that the new Doctor is more eligible to cure the ailments when compared to the old Doctor? Certainly not. It is the trust factor on the new doctor that made the disease of these people get cured.

We have also seen many Women who fail to experience the motherhood irrespective of their and their partners being perfect and healthy. Some others just conceive within no time. The trust factor also applies to this example.

In today's era of life style, we have seen n number of love stories coming to an end, even before they start. Some other relationships, even though seem to be impossible to be continued, end up in a marital bliss. The trust on the relationship and on one and other makes things happen and this scenario as well.

Once you observe the situations in your life, you might find at least one situation where the impossible has become possible just because of the trust on that situation to happen in you...

This definitely does not mean you should stop doing everything to work out what you want and just trust on things to happen on their own. In fact, complete trust on wanting something will itself make us work on achieving the want and fulfilling the wish.

So, possess a complete non biased trust on what you are wishing to want. Never ever, even for a second have a second thought about not achieving what you want. Trust your instincts and see, definitely situations end up turning positive and in your favor making you achieve your wish. Believe you wish and trust it to become true. Be it a situation or getting something, achieving a goal or getting 'that' someone in your life.

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